Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1st blog, upcoming release of Ocea Otica "Kapriman" mug

So, as usual, way behind the technological times, i am finally getting a blog set up in place of a website.
I am finishing up my limited edition Ocea Otica Kapriman mug. This latest mug will be my first, and for me long awaited, foray into more matte glazes. Something I wish i had worked on earlier for my Torembi mug. Kapriman is based on a carving from the Kapriman region of Papua New Guinea.
If this is the first time you are seeing any of my PNG inspired work, or are new to the world of Oceanic Art or "tiki," welcome. I do not refer to many of my ceramic vessels as tiki purely because not all the imagery comes from cultures where tiki is a word in their vocabulary, nor do i use the word to describe images of wahines, rum barrels, skulls, etc. Tiki is not in the vocabulary of the many languages of Papua New Guinea, and is more commonly found in the languages of and culture of Polynesia. For those reveling in the cultures and art of Oceania the word tiki has become the umbrella term for mugs, paintings, modern carvings, etc. that derive their influence from Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia and beyond. Coming from a linguists stand point, as i understand it, the more recent use of the word tiki as this umbrella term in our lexicon is not to be seen as purely incorrect, but as evoltion in language . I add the observation about the word tiki because you will see my work referred to as tiki, and that I am always interested in the evoltion of a lexicon, but it is not intended to criticize people who use the word as an umbrella term. In the end, this information and the mugs are for appreciation and enjoyment.
So back to Kapriman, the image attached is of the molded sculpture. I had designed and sculpted this piece in 2007, but knowing i would not get to making the production mold on it for quite some time, i molded, cast it in resin, and set it aside. I stalled production on these mugs because photos of my first two test fired pieces are being used in an upcoming book on the subject matter of tiki mugs, and I wanted the photos i had taken to be fresh when seen in the book. I am currently finishing up glaze tests, and will be offering them for sale soon. Right now my thoughts are that there will be four editions, each edition being 5 mugs. I will hold onto the mold after the run so that for future shows i can do some one offs( one offs are one a kind pieces, either by the way they are finished or by addition of handbuilding), similar to my approach with the Torembi mug at the last Tonga Hut art show. That being said, the numbers on Kapriman will remain low, maybe 50 or so.

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Jessica said...

I bet K loves that you are talking about lexicons on your blog. I can't wait to see more of your art, and more of your blog!