Monday, November 10, 2008

Decision made, the four Kapriman editions

Here are the four glaze versions I am picking for Kapriman. All will be an edition of 5.
Mystery Brown edition, discussed on an earlier post, is currently up for sale on my etsy store.

The other three editions will be a little more expensive, due to material costs and time involved.
Drai switmuli,Tok Pisin for dry orange, edition. This is my first foray into matte glazes. This orange is much more beautiful in person, with a dark brown break up. Interior is black.

PNG Palette edition. Red, black and orange make up this beauty, in my spattering underglaze style i like to call PNG Palette. All finished with a satin clear and red interior.

Traditional edition. This is the edition where i try to duplicate the look of the original carving this mug is based on. Features a satin finish and an orange interior. The final edition may vary slightly from this test piece.

The last three editions are being run from one mold, so they will take about a month to complete. I will let people on the email list know when they are finished. As an edition is completed it will be added to the the etsy store, The next edition that will be completed is the Drai switmuli.

I sometimes, depending on scheduling, and how well a production mold is holding up, will do custom variations on a mug. Please feel free to contact me. As stated before, after these Kapriman editions sell, i may do one offs for a show, but otherwise it is not likely that i will do another numbered edition.


Tristan said...

PNG Palette edition is my fav of these news so far. I love how the colors bring out the shapes and contours more of the mug. Keep em coming!

Doomed but cheerful! said...

I love these heads - they remind me so much of the ones that everyone has at their front door in Sardinia. Take a look