Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mystery Brown edition Kapriman goes up on for sale today.

Had a good firing. The Mystery Brown edition of Kapriman, which is an edition of 5, goes up on my etsy store today. Kapriman, discussed on my first post here, holds approx. 34 oz. This release will be followed up by other color editions in the upcoming weeks.
Mystery Brown is a new color edition i will do for most of my releases. Its a fun concept, i have a collection container that i pour all different colors of glaze, usually the last bits of jars, into. The color will be different everytime, but I call it Mystery Brown because with a fairly even addition of most colors you will usually end up with some type of brown. The brown on this Kapriman is a rich toffee or caramel brown, with specks. The inside has spots of color that make up the brown you see, specifically spots of black, greenish-blue, and yellow. What makes this interesting as the maker of the mugs is that i have no idea what color they will be until they come out of the kiln; it may be an almost black-brown, a color borderline like a purple that is on the brown side, but it will always be a mystery brown. Brown will always have a place with my mugs, both because of the numerous shades of woods used for carving in Papua New Guinea, other Oceanic cultures, stateside manufacturers of "island" and "tropical" decor, not to mention its place as the most used color for tikimugs. What was a little surprising, being that so many mugs are brown, is that the Brown colored edition of my Torembi mug got the most requests and sold out first, and that i have had comments from collectors about they're preference for brown mugs in general. Brown, and the mystery of brown, is here at Ocea Otica to stay.
If you would like to get on an email list that i am compiling, with the intent of getting early notification of when Ocea Otica mugs go on sale, email me at with the header "sign me up for Ocea Otica news." Otherwise, this blog will be the center for news on Ocea Otica. Thanks for looking.

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