Sunday, December 14, 2008

mixed bag round up update

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

It's been a very busy few months, with the focus on art, mugs, and photography. It's been a real redirect for me since the industry has been so slow, with being unemployed for the last 6 months I have spent some much needed time on the work I am most passionate about.

I have really lucked out with participating in two shows and two books. The Tonga Hut show from the middle of the year was a very concentrated effort, having created roughly 60 or so mainly 1 off pieces, while the Tis the Season to be Tiki show I was only able to complete two one off bowls, but technically they were the most challenging I have done. Below some quickly rattled of pics taken before delivery to the gallery, the "Pele Wakes" bowl, and the "Modern Maori" prototype bowl (both utilize pieces from hobbyist molds with customization of the greenware and additional handbuilt elements, i.e the Hei Tiki). Below as well are just a few pics from the show or after, as K nor I had the camera too handy throughout the evening. In fact, I think our camera was passed around, so I am not even sure who shot what pictures, but as other attendees post pictures I will add some up here, hopefully some that will actually include the spread of great artwork by all the artists.

(dry ice goes in the shell, drink goes in the lady)

artists showing Big Toe and Little Lost Tiki lining up for another round

artist Christopher Sowers in front of one of his large pieces at the show

Chris, WooHooWahine, And the Purple Orchid Gang whooping it up afterward at a bar

Christopher Sowers and some mutual friends celebrating

painter and graphic artist Steve Katz, his gal Sam, and mutual friends

I am behind on my own mug releases due to the shows and books, having gotten only halfway through making the Kapriman editions, which I had intended to have completed 2 months ago. This has set me back on finishing sculptures for the Sepik Ancestoral Hook mug I started on 3 months ago, and the Maprik Hornbill mug I had sketched out. Also, after doing 3 test Asaro Mudmen cast/handbuilt mugs, I have failed to get any more made. Further setting those back are the two tie in mugs that are in the inception stage, the fact that I have taken up photography again, and started painting again as well.

On the Vintage Beauty Monster front I have two in the works, one including Lady Lagoon, which I look very forward to getting finished.

I wanted to take this moment to thank all those who have supported and pushed me in my effort to focus on these works and to say a big thank you for the kinds words and comments via emails and conversations at shows. I hope to carry this period of concentrated energy over into the new year.

I hope your holidays are joyous and safe, and that you find time in the new year to indulge in your own passions and creative thought.

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Amber said...

You have to post a photo of your lovecraft vase. amazing!