Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the Zombie Colonel, TDN Zombie mug finished and out the door

So off goes this living dead mug to Craig of the Tiki Drinks/Indigo Firmaments blog, whose cocktail, the Zombie Colonel, won the Mixoloseum's TDN ZOmbie night.

This is the last of the customized greenware from a hobbyist mold, one off zombies, i will be doing. They have been fun to make, but the process of cutting, sanding and shaping this head mug just to get it to the point that i cut, sand, and sculpt the zombies is too time consuming. Making these has been a good exploration into customizing greenware and allowed me to work out some ideas, ideas which i will now apply to some zombie cocktail related mugs i intend to sculpt and mold for slip cast production.
Congrats to Craig and i hope it is the Zombie Colonel mug is a welcome addition in his bar.