Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a slew of cocktails from my messy files....hi, how are you doing?

So it has been some time since i posted something new. Between work and personal projects, this blog, or the hopes to post with some frequency, have been dashed. So I am attempting to go through my mess of a computer and pull out some drink photos spanning from some time in 2008 until just recently to re open the door to this, my ramshackle digital house, in attempt to put together a recap rerun episode. As to be expected from my mess of a brain, not all the cocktails names can be dredged out of the fog that is my memory.

Perfumed Beauty

* 4oz Oval vodka
* 1/2oz sloe gin
* 1/2oz lime juice
* 1 1/2oz simple syrup
* 1 large wedge pineapple
* 3 mint sprigs
* 2 dashes Angostura bitters
* 1/4t ground cardamom

Rim snifter with cardamom mixed with simple syrup, then muddle a large wedge of pineapple with three mint sprigs, 2 dashes angostura bitters, 1/4t ground cardamom and then fill glass crushed ice. Separately shake remaining ingredients, pour into glass, garnish with a bunch of mint sprigs and a lime wedge.

This goes back to earlier experimentation with cardamom, wanting the perfumed scent of this wonderful spice to be as present in flavor as in smell. The rim addresses this, and as long as you do not gouge your eye out with a straw, savor the flavor of the rim with the drink on occasion as you try this one out.

This was the cocktail i posted for the recent Thursday Drink Night at the Mixoloseum, the second time i have been a participant and not just an onlooker. This would have been a more beautiful presentation with a fat base round snifter, as the muddled pineapple and mint sprigs had a really nice layered look at the bottom, not captured in this photo.
Hot House Landing
This was the first cocktail i had submitted to a Mixoloseum TDN, will put up the recipe later, but it had muddled hot house tomato and a number of spices.
This is a mystery to me, do seem to recall it was something with a fresh (or really really ripe 7-11) banana, hence the banana peel wrapping, which would have been a more beautiful presentation had it not already donned its leopard print coat. My guess, beginning of this year. My hope, it tasted good.
Another take on the Kiwi's Nest Grog, recipe can be found in an earlier posting here.
somepin. another one lost in the fog.
from 12/11/2008, a true mystery of a mystery bowl, may have notes on this, though surrounding bottles give some indication, and the bits of zest in the drink just caused me to salivate a bit.
mystery drink from 1/15/09, not sure, thinking something from the Grog Log
something utilizing a tangerine from sometime, something off the cuff



Tiare said...

I really like the way you garnish your drinks and the drinks seems very tasty.

I enjoyed reading this post.Keep them coming.



AlchemistGeorge said...

Great photos & good garnish ideas! Impressed that you are jumping into mixology monday.

Cocktails at 80

Amber said...

Awesome stuff! And now I can say first hand that you are a great mixologist!