Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tonight marks the one year anniversary of the TDN at the Mixoloseum...

Tonights TDN at the Mixoloseum marks the one year anniversary of the Thursday Drink Night. The focus will be the Tiki drink, with special guests Jeff "Beachbum" Berry and Martin Cate getting into the mix.
Congrats to Kaiser Penguin and all involved who have made staying at the home bar on a Thursday night something i try to prioritize every week. If you have not checked in or participated, know that it is a fun, informative evening in the chatroom, involving a mix of Bartenders, collectors, blog writers, cocktail enthusiasts and home bar mixologists from all around the world. And there is the cocktails, many new and interesting drinks developed and submitted on a weekly basis by some palette talented.
I look forward to crushing some ice, to pulling out my garnish tools, feeling the burn of citric acid on my fingertips,working my way through my spirits shelves, learning something new, the camaraderie, and to being a participant in this TDN.
Here is the info from Kaiser Penguin's blog:
A year ago, this week, the revelry began. And if my sundial displays truth, the Mixoloseum has hosted 50 Thursday Drink Nights since that first mixological day. In that time, cocktail enthusiasts, writers, and bartenders have created over 500 original cocktails using everything from Fernet Branca to buttermilk. Guests who once came in fear of all the homemade syrups and bitters being slung about like fool’s gold in the chat room now make their own cinnamon syrup, have two local sources for Ting (in case one runs out), and don’t bat an eye when someone calls yellow Chartreuse instead of green.
TDN Anniversary - Tiki
50cm gold Japanese barspoon
We’ll be celebrating with rum, rain gods, and back scratchers this week, and Jeff Berry and Martin Cate will be making an appearance to sling potions and generally be jealous that we have more homemade syrups than they do. The prizes are profuse, and the last tiki torch won’t be doused until the first rays of light creep across my sundial.
The Prizes
Best Original Tiki Drink - 50cm gold Japanese bar spoon (pictured at right)
Best Gin Cocktail - Bottle of Port of Barcelona gin signed by the distiller.
Best Absinthe Cocktail - Bottle of Obsello absinthe signed by the distiller.
Best Spiced Rum Cocktail - Bottle of Old New Orleans Cajun spiced rum
Last One Standing - If you close the doors on our party, you will get yourself a pick of one of Mud Puddle’s six new cocktail book releases.
First two newcomers who submit a drink - More books! Pick from Mud Puddle’s line-up.
We’ll also be giving out Annual Awards throughout the night (e.g. Person who consistently submits the worst drinks).

here is a link to the Mixoloseum:

and a photo to get you in the mood for this evening, a cocktail I was working on for a TDN I ended up missing:
The Swag's Glow

Happy 1 year birthday TDN, you know where i will be tonight.............
p.s. as of 1 hour ago, two as of yet unnamed winnings of a contest to be figured out shortly will have the prize of an Ashen Black color edition Tumbuna mug and a Underbelly of the Grey Plover color edition Tumbuna mug, the last two of this mug, as the molds were destroyed already


Kaiser Penguin said...

Cass, what the hell is that garnish?!

junkhauler said...

swag lamp garnish, lime, lemon "resin chunks," and coconut crystal sugar, though i love making tapa lamp garnishes, this was my first attempt at a resin chunk swag lamp garnish

Tiare said...

I was just going to ask the same...about that garnish..

Tiare said...

I was actually sitting for a while trying to figure it out but i was totally unable to..

This is the most unusual garnish ever!

junkhauler said...

chunk resin swag lamp, anyone, anyone, Bueller?