Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Saturday, December 13th. Tiki Wonderland art show at the Tonga Hut

I have been working like a mad man to get stuff ready for the show, and will be updating this post with pictures as i get things done. If all works out, I hope to be premiering my new Moai and Thirsty mugs, have two T-shirts, and two prints from Jeff Berry's upcoming Beachbum Berry Remixed. Also artist Amber Skowronski, who customized some of the new Moai and a couple of other "two seater" mugs, and who I had asked to do a couple of paintings, will be joining me at my booth. So please pop your head in over here in these days leading up to the show and additionally I hope to see you at the Tonga Hut on the 13th!

****12/9 update: Here is a sneak peak at the two t-shirt designs. Seen here is the mockup of the artwork. The first pressing will be on black t-shirts; "THIRSTY" will be printed in a green which should match fairly close to mint leaves i brought over to the screen printers, the "Torembi" shirt will be a cinnamon tan ink. The "THIRSTY" shirt features my new mug of the same name, filled with a Zombie, garnished with a pineapple spear, Maraschino cherries, ample amounts of fresh mint, with a Hunstein Mountains cult hook swizzle i made for another photo shoot. The back of the "grave opening" features a pocket from which dry ice is starting to spread its "fingers." The "TOREMBI" shirt features the mug of the same name, garnished with pineapple wedge, cinnamon stick, star anise and Geranium leaf, all set against a dark natural cork background. Michele, the owner of Angry Girl, let me have a direct hand in mixing the custom cinnamon tan color, with the aid of a cinnamon stick I brought along.
I will have a limited number of these two shirts in LG and XL at the show. You can get info on Angry Girl's creative screen printing services at www.angrygirl.org.



Also having Michele's gang print me up some vinyl stickers. The first run of these going with the classic black print on white vinyl. Below can be seen the uncut sheet artwork. Two of the stickers in this pack feature my collaboration Zombie Moai with Miles at Munktiki, with the editions name MUNKTIKI X OCEA OTICA. I will have a limited number of these stickers in packs at the show.

Sticker packs will contain all stickers seen in uncut sheet above.

**** Day of show, 12/13, will have just one of the stickers from sheet, the Ocea Otica lettering on driftwood image, will have 11 THIRSTY one offs, 12 MOAI one off including the 2 custom underglaze painted by Amber Skoronoski, two additional mugs from Amber, a limited number of artist proof shirts and low intro price, and a very small number of artist proof prints of some of the photos from Beachbum Berry Remixed.
Below can be seen preview pics of the mugs:



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Uberband, LIVE IN POLAND,... an i helped, release party December 5th

Coming out in the beginning of this month is the first official full length release by Uberband, after years of touring with only a few tracks previously released.
Their music; an often times maniacal blend of genres such as jazz, funk, metal, country, 50's ballad, etc. that is expertly crafted and played often with complex timing, and lyrically; vicious, funny, cruel and sweet, which is backed by a carnival-esque stage presence, strange costume and makeup themes that give their audiences' brains some visual mania to go with the sounds. And aside from all that, its really fucking fun!

I have collaborated with Ryan, RyThoJo, Uberband's front man, in the past years on some elements for their stage shows. I brought in my pal and fellow makeup effects artist Don Rutherford to do KISS styled makeups for a previous show, consulted on some blood gags for some shows, and built some wearable open brain surgery caps (one can be seen in photo below) that the band used live and for photos.

Following shortly after Ryan told me the name of the new album, LIVE IN POLAND, i got a visual in mind and threw it at him. He liked the idea; a model set of the cover, kind of the feel of Mr. Rogers kingdom set and look of a model set you might see in an older campy low budget sci fi flick, with flower topiary for the name of the album, snowy mountains, Polish villages and the Uber U as an ice sculpture. The hope was to capture the feel of the band and music, i guess on a textural level, if they were a farmland somewhere in Poland.
Below is foamcore, bamboo skewers, cardboard and hot glue in action.

an early heavily saturated ice u test

Ryan took the imagery and did a photoshop mockup for the lay out. Then i got to building, down and dirty foam core construction, paper surfaced mountains, practical clouds and setting sun, etc. Then with Ryan's approval and assistance, we lit and shot the set. The Uber U was sculpted in clay, molded, then poured up in different red tinted ices that were shot separately and comped into the photo later. I also contributed ideas for the cd surface artwork and back panel which Ryan put together the artwork for and did the final layout.
December 5th, you can see the craziness for yourself, the record release party happens:
at Trip Bar
(non-descript black colored bar next to Jack-In-The-Box. Howzabout a map?)
2101 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
$5 per person - 21 and up