Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ocea Otica and junkhauler, my Jeckyll and Hyde

Hello everybody. Happy Holidays. I had some great cheese and crackers last night and was educated on the grande virtues of Billy Ocean.

After a break dealing with health issues for the last 6 months I am back to some art therapy.
Currently up on my Etsy store I have mugs available,, some of which can be seen in photos below.

Also at some point in the beginning of the new year will have some collaboration pieces going up on ebay, as well as some of the pieces I used for photos in Beachbum Berry's Remixed. Here are some of the pieces that will be avaailable, Tiki Tony and Munktiki collabs, handbuilt Skullitiva and Asaro mudmen mud mask mug seen in the book

Finally have gotten back to painting after years of canvasavoidance, here is progress on a cork painting. I got a little more work done on it at the first live Fridaynightartdorks, hosted by Chey Zar and Zerofriends/Sean Leonard at the Cella Art Gallery. Due to some meds drinking the spirits has become a lesser common activity, but I did imbibe with some El Dorado 15 yr and Smith and Cross that evening. Fridaynightartdorks was started as a Twitter update your work thang by Chet, and now as an experiment a live event evening. Lots of great artists from all walks came together to work on pieces and watch Zombi and Dawn of the Dead. A great time, and the next one will be on December 17th. More info available here

FONTS, Fonts, so friggin cool, Squid is knocking out some killer fonts, available here, check em out, hoping Santa will bring me Doinky Online and Zombie Dripping Flesh

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Halloween

Been away from the internets for some time dealing with some health issues, but hope to see you at the Tonga Hut on Halloween. Will have a couple of paintings and a handful of one offs of my Ocea Otica Thirsty mug. Come on down, try one of the Tonga Hut's new drinks and check out some Halloween themed arts!

my first pumpkin carving in a few years, hope you get your hands into some pumpkin guts this year

Monday, February 22, 2010

MOAI Saturday

Happy 103rd Birthday Donn Beach! I will be toasting and celebrating with a Zombie this evening.

This Saturday at 4pm PST the Moai mugs that are still available from the 2009 Tiki Wonderland show at the Tonga Hut will be available on the Etsy store,, along with a few of the Burnished Dusk Lava edition. This glaze process (this is a style of application, not a type of "crystal" glaze, that involves applying various glazes) yields a lot of variety from one mug to another, as well as the fact that each mug has its neck and nose position altered, and the smile line is added by hand into each mug, so no two are alike. This glaze work promotes some beautiful color transitions, from a matte lava red to to semi matte yellow to glossy browns, blacks and blues. Below can be seen a test fire (in this case no smile line was added) and what I can say is this coloration is a lot more to see in person (but please click on the picture to see it larger.) As I mentioned the Moai mug will be an open edition; I will continue to make them till the mold goes south or I get burned out on em. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a note!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the finished piglet....

the finished Woven Pig Totem mug.
Show opens tomorrow evening at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fresh Pork

A quick update, so i can say i actually posted something in the first part of 2010, I should have a piece, if I finish in time, in Squid's collaboration show "Fresh Pork, the Luau Pig Collaborations." This show is only online, hosted on Squid's website, with approximately 12 artists customizing Squid's Luau Pig mugs. Completed pieces by various artists are added as he receives them, so jump on over to his site now,, to see pieces by Bosko, MP, Big Toe and GROG (Ernie Keen)(just to name a few.) Show officially opens for purchasing Sunday, February 21st, 6PM PST.
Below can be seen some images of the greenware stage, my modification is based on the woven pig clan totems of different regions in Papua New Guinea. The original piggy that i received can be seen at bottom center. This mug was bisque fired last night and is currently cooling in the kiln. Will post a pic of the finished glazed piece once completed.
oink oink!