Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fresh Pork

A quick update, so i can say i actually posted something in the first part of 2010, I should have a piece, if I finish in time, in Squid's collaboration show "Fresh Pork, the Luau Pig Collaborations." This show is only online, hosted on Squid's website, with approximately 12 artists customizing Squid's Luau Pig mugs. Completed pieces by various artists are added as he receives them, so jump on over to his site now, http://www.squidart.com/pork.htm, to see pieces by Bosko, MP, Big Toe and GROG (Ernie Keen)(just to name a few.) Show officially opens for purchasing Sunday, February 21st, 6PM PST.
Below can be seen some images of the greenware stage, my modification is based on the woven pig clan totems of different regions in Papua New Guinea. The original piggy that i received can be seen at bottom center. This mug was bisque fired last night and is currently cooling in the kiln. Will post a pic of the finished glazed piece once completed.
oink oink!

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