Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ocea Otica and junkhauler, my Jeckyll and Hyde

Hello everybody. Happy Holidays. I had some great cheese and crackers last night and was educated on the grande virtues of Billy Ocean.

After a break dealing with health issues for the last 6 months I am back to some art therapy.
Currently up on my Etsy store I have mugs available,, some of which can be seen in photos below.

Also at some point in the beginning of the new year will have some collaboration pieces going up on ebay, as well as some of the pieces I used for photos in Beachbum Berry's Remixed. Here are some of the pieces that will be avaailable, Tiki Tony and Munktiki collabs, handbuilt Skullitiva and Asaro mudmen mud mask mug seen in the book

Finally have gotten back to painting after years of canvasavoidance, here is progress on a cork painting. I got a little more work done on it at the first live Fridaynightartdorks, hosted by Chey Zar and Zerofriends/Sean Leonard at the Cella Art Gallery. Due to some meds drinking the spirits has become a lesser common activity, but I did imbibe with some El Dorado 15 yr and Smith and Cross that evening. Fridaynightartdorks was started as a Twitter update your work thang by Chet, and now as an experiment a live event evening. Lots of great artists from all walks came together to work on pieces and watch Zombi and Dawn of the Dead. A great time, and the next one will be on December 17th. More info available here

FONTS, Fonts, so friggin cool, Squid is knocking out some killer fonts, available here, check em out, hoping Santa will bring me Doinky Online and Zombie Dripping Flesh


johnny dollar said...

just got the lava finish moai - freaking sweet! the glaze is better in real life than in photos. cheers! j$

junkhauler said...

Thanks j$, glad you dig!