Tuesday, February 15, 2011

one step closer to a empty table...Lady Lagoon

working my darndest to clear off my project table. Mind you project table, the dry erase board still makes me wanna vomit.
to get bisque fired this week:
Ocea Otica: AP's and Numero Uno Zombi Bob, Fog Bank number 1 and 2, collab on Tiki Kaimuki's Skoai- the Fleshy Skoai, collab on Notch's Roberto Loco- NOTCH-O BOB, and a Notch Ren Clark's Severed Head Tribute mug. These collabs were started in 09, will be nice to finish them up and have them posted with the Munktiki and Tiki Tony collabs.
Also in Ocea Otica news Miles from Munktiki has signed on to do a limited run of THIRSTY. This run will be the last of that design; Miles will have the sledge hammer ready to return that mold to powder once his run is complete. More on that later.
Their work can be seen at munktiki.com, tikikaimuki.com, tikitony.com, losttikiisland.com
(pictured) junkhauler Vintage Beauty Monster series- Lady Lagoon, another one off handbuilt on a greenware bust from a vintage mold, which i will do some china painting on. Started in 2008 or 09, looking forward to finishing her up.
From junkhauler ceramics Tim Gore's mug sculpt will be completed this week and molded soon, hoping to have a good number completed for his booth at Monsterpalooza in April. More junkhauler artist mugs are in the works, more on that later.

sleep now!


johnny dollar said...

lady lagoon is totally cool... what will be her ultimate destination? is it a commission, are you going to sell it, - ?

junkhauler said...

if i ever finish it, my wife may steal it or i may sell it, thanks for checkin it J$