Monday, February 14, 2011

serve it in a beautiful vessel

in an effort to keep the creative juices flowin, molded another mug this weekend, the Fogbank. Will post a photo when the first is cast as I worked in reverse from a mold, so there was not an original sculpture. This is a technique I have been wanting to try and enjoyed the process.

Next on the slate, one of my favorite mugs from a vintage drink menu, the bamboo "Tub of Oke". From the time Okolehao was a common drink ingredient, this bamboo mug to me is ceramic perfection. Classy, elegant, and the artists rendition of a dark stained bamboo seems to make the whole presentation more sultry. This mug, according to my colleagues on Tikicentral, under the Crypto-mug thread, has not been found in the wild; most likely meaning their production was limited, with those legs they may have been broken often, they possibly were actually made out of bamboo as was common or some collector is not sharing photos. I have never seen one, so am going to do a rendition close to the illustration. I am very excited about this mug, really looking forward to the first drink out of one.

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