Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zombi Bob and some good garbage (pronounced Gaaarbaahhge'eh)

So after some revisions from the concept on the last post here is the sculpt of Zombi Bob, my undead take on mr Happy Tiki Bob. Why a zombie you ask (cause i never do zombies, no no); this mug size and shape is perfect to serve a Zombie cocktail, and Tiki Bob the mug was used at a number of establishments with varying cocktails, so now here he is allocated for one of my, and many's fav cocktail. run on little sentence, run on.
First batch of these mugs for the Tiki Bob show at the Tonga Hut the glaze will be kept simple and somewhat true to the original Tiki Bob scheme.
in junkhauling finds, pulled these old drawers outa the dumpster last month along with some wood to make shelves. Cleaned up the mysterious glass shard infused goo inside (my guess a busted old dried glass of linseed oil, which crackled up like pork rinds when hit with a heat gun), murphy's oil soap wash, few new screws and riser on back for stability, and wallaw, some nice new old shelves. The drawer pulls are particularly neat, red bakelite with a ribbed bottle capish head.
you found any good trash lately? whats in yer dumpster?


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