Thursday, April 5, 2012

promise to myself, this is the year....

older mug, new camera, just testing out new camera and light box i built on one of my THIRSTY mugs

cocktails served up while traveling the south earlier this year

"Papua New Guinea storyboard" for the Mary Blair; Its a Small World After all at Boomerang Gallery at HeebeeJeebee in Petaluma. Photo show collage of photos of the painting work on sides of wood/pressed bamboo "Canvas"

one of my ongoing series of Raisinette Unbound customized over sized shrunken heads, this one "the Burnt out Shrink-O-Rociter" now hanging at my resident spot at the Hive Gallery

a recent pinewood car for the Knotty Pine Derby races at Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater Village, the "Raised Grain Rusty Roadster". this little rust bucket made an hour and a half before the races...
My continuing war with myself to update this blog wages on, thanks to those who check in periodically. My hopes are to get some consistency here. For now, here is a round up od some stuff form the last few months, or at least a mish mash of new and old stuff i have been pullin out

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